Courier and messenger services are an important part of life. With most people preferring to order things online, companies do need trustworthy courier services to deliver the packages to the destination on time without damaging the goods.

Even the messenger service providers who collect the packages from various clients need for reliable delivery personnel on a daily basis. It is important to select the right delivery company that can provide the services they require.

Do you want to know more about the courier messenger services in NYC? Are you looking for a reliable messenger service provider to deliver the courier packages to various locations? If yes, this blog is for you.

Fondly called as Marcelo’s Man with a Van NYC, our established has around 3 years of experience in handling the pickup and delivery services in Manhattan, NYC.

We take care of everything once you hand over the job to us. We make it hassle-free for the clients. No job is big or small for us. We deliver goods, groceries, and courier packages irrespective of their size.

Our aim is to provide quality messenger service to the clients. The distance does not matter to us. We cater courier messenger services to close and far away locations alike. You can depend on our efficient services 24*7.

Our delivery vans are spacious to fit a huge amount of goods and are fully equipped to deal with any kind of satiations one has to face while moving from one place to another. Our experienced employees can handle all situations and weather conditions and deliver the goods on time. We take extra care when it comes to packaging. We ensure that no goods are damaged. We deliver the couriers exactly how we have received them.

For affordable messenger service in Manhattan, or in NYC you can contact us on the website. We strongly believe in ethical values and do not have any hidden charges. We do not ask the clients to pay an extra amount for carrying the parcels, paying the drivers, etc. Our rates are fixed either on an hourly basis or for a final flat rate that covers all the charges. The clients will only have to pay the amount we have quoted and finalized for the delivery.

All you have to do is, simply hop on to our website and fill the form with your name, email id, and telephone number. We will contact you and provide you a free quote depending on your requirements. We can then talk out a schedule according to your specifications.

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